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Pages and pages of potential plagerism.

Welcome to the writing page of vinceunlimited. I've got so much stuff both finished and in development that this section needs to be sub-divided. I love writing when I get the chance and have posted some of my work from links here. You may ask why.

Firstly, I believe that I have interesting and/or funny things to say so to leave them festering on my hard drive is wasteful.

Secondly, these ideas may inspire others and any acknowledgement in this area would make me feel all warm and good inside.

Finally, I have this hope that someone will recognise a talent and offer me squillions to develop one of my writing ideas.

A word of warning though. Although I am happy for you to be inspired by my work, if you blatantly nick it I will be well pissed. Remember that I have posted these writings on this web site, in many cases years ago, so can prove ownership. If I see, read or hear any of my stuff without prior permission or, at the very least, obsequious acknowledgement I will pursue any rightful claim to any monies made. You have been duly notified.

Accessing Articles

So how do you find the writing?

All the section links shown below work and actually lead to the words, stories, narratives, novellos, rhymes, poems, typing, writing, scribbling and feature articles. So pick a type and link away.

Or alternatively you could use the comprehensive vSearch facility link within the vChoices drop down menu at the top to search for interesting titles.

Comedy - A strength of mine. That's a laugh. A few developed ideas here and some exciting new concepts there. That's the pitch anyway

Fiction - No time to completely fill this section. I've been far too busy doing this web site. However, see the books in me. A few short stories too

Poems - Frankly, just songs with no chance of finding a musician. Some actually rhyme

Screenplays - I'd love to do a full film screenplay. These are some ideas I have worked on. Note that commissions will be considered. Or pestered for

Stage Plays - The plays what I wrote. One complete and another commenced with more under development. Go here if you like your entertainment without effective car chase scenes

Songs - Most stories can be told in a few words so lyrics are an ideal medium for expression. And they can be written in an afternoon. Many were. And some in the morning

TV Shows - Pitches, ideas and treatment for the small and not so small anymore screens in your living room. Or your cinema room if you are wealthy

vQuotes - One liners. Not just lines and lines saying "I must not scrawl on the blah, blah, blah..." Valuable stuff here. If in doubt, ask an ad-man

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