The Working Time Proposal

The Working Time proposal is part of the vinceunlimited Political Concept which was published in 2005 to offer some alternatives to the Status Quo of British politics. Because nobody wanted all that double-denim in Parliament.

Working Time

Local Networking

The Nightmare

I am slightly biased here because currently I spend about thirty percent of my working day commuting and use a range of unpleasant forms of public transport.

I know this doesn't apply to everyone but the more you commute the more you will appreciate my radical proposal for work.

I cannot claim it is a brand new idea but one that no-one seems to have the commitment to implement.

Until now.

Local Working

I propose that we scrap all unnecessary commuting by utilising a range of political incentives.

It is about time we started to use the technology that we have created to ease our working lives.

It is about time to work from home.

I know that some are already doing this but this should be the norm, not the exception and there are three basic things that we need to make this happen.

Basic Thing One - Trust

Much of my work over the last six years could have been done at home. The underlying reason behind this not happening is lack of trust.

Clients and employers are reluctant to trust an individual to work from home because of an irrational fear that instead the employee would be watching daytime television because let's face it we do.

We need to get out of this cycle.

Employers should trust the worker and employees should not abuse the position.

After a while it will become the norm so this basic thing is a temporary problem.

Basic Thing Two - Facilities

This is where the key to the solution lies.

People working from home shouldn't necessarily actually be doing it from their own house.

A network of village and town facilities should be constructed to allow workers to gather together, locally, to share resources such as administration, copying and paperclips.

This would ensure that everyone would network together and not die of boredom in front of the tele.

The current 'national' offices would be transformed to serve as occasional meeting places.

An added bonus would be the national construction programme that this would generate.

Basic Thing Three - The Political Will

That is served by this page of this website.


The negatives may all really be positive in the long run.

Firstly, the reduction in tax revenue on 'commuting fuel' and other stealth taxes like the financial gain from speed cameras.

Then there would be the reduction in use of public transport services.

And finally Ken Livingstone would have to raise the London congestion charge to about £5,000 per vehicle to make it economical to run.


By re-engaging community spirit and having more hours to work rather than be in the car or on the train we would all be able to complete our work within three or four days instead of five or six.

Isn't that what we all expected computers to provide us with in the first place?


There will always be some exceptions to the rule.

Airline pilots will still need to commute to Heathrow, they will not be able to transform their front porch into a runway and make the in-flight bookings on their kitchen table.

Sportsmen will have to gather together unless we all want to watch Michael Schumacher take on Pablo Montoya using a Playstation network link.

And the Changing Of The Guard is much more impressive all together in The Mall than simultaneously in Basingstoke, Oxford, Little Thrumpton and Portsmouth [or wherever the Guards live].


Author: Vince Poynter
Version 5.089 28 Mar 18
Political Section, including Working Time [previously entitled Work], First Published: Version 2.00 May 2005