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Too late to be a boomer, too young to be a millenial

I would be happy for a pig to grow a heart for me, then for me to have it transplanted when mine is worn out. And I could enjoy a good bacon sandwich afterwards

A head so strong. Tough mandible. I am designed to make a kill

No malice in the thinking nor sharpness in the knife

I was the most upset by this. Very upset. Extraordinarily upset. Boundary tantrum upset

Where can you find me? Only at the centre of the universe. That's where

Doesn't include tips on reconfiguring Lara Croft in topless mode

But no-one 'cept me, could ever forsee, the day we ran out of concrete

'Only open for a year'. It will still be up and running in some form in 20 years - Mark my words

I'd agree that bad driving deserves all the bottom expansion in the world

Unless the paint could be made black. And reflective

I make no secret of the fact that I'm a turbo charged V8 with nitrous injection

We don't want to end up in an andronomous society where you can't tell your mother from the plumber

Audio is supplied by two small shrill insects inside somewhere that like to go bleep very loudly at times

Anything associated with Kristin Scott Thomas must be OK

It won't stop the arsehole cruising along at 60 in the centre lane, clogging up the whole system. For that I propose a simpler system. That I shall be legally allowed to carry a firearm and shoot him

Yes, you too could look like a reclusive film star. In your twenty-six year old Datsun Cherry

I do not fall under the category of 'it won't change my life'. The hell it will. Big time

If thanks were made in time you can have the rest of mine

If Bill Gates is reading this. Get in touch. You'll find my hourly rate very reasonable. Compared to yours

When you have anything you ever sought. You seek nothing at all. Switch me off

One didn't need more than a nod to accept the grinding of black pepper onto the meal. The waiters even knew not to offer it on the Cornflakes. Real class

Greens release two dozen steeds and the rubber feet do bleed

I'm aching in the places that you haven't got. An' you are feeling deadly hot

As for Apple Macintosh? What's the point? I thought their skins were waterproof

So when I came upon this idea I thought I could claim a lankmark. A revolution in tea making. A quantum step no less

I soon understood that it's not just a case of clicking on a blank bit of the internet and typing away

Getting up at the crack of birds

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