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Author: Vince Poynter
Version 5.321 30 Jun 2021
First Published: Version 5.001 30 Sep 2017
Earliest articles: Dated from Version 1.00 in Oct 2003
2021 website updates; Losing AV added: Version 5.321 30 Jun 2021

June 2021

Losing AV

I've been forced to undertake a painful operation. The complete removal of all audio and video files from my website.

To keep my AV files stored with my website host I would have had to continue paying a premium price and I have decided I do not wish to carry on down this path any longer. Quite simply these additions to the site were not worth the extra I was paying for it. In fact I had always struggled with the idea that they should attract such a premium so have now shut it down.

In truth you will not notice the difference unless you use my site to listen to my podcasts either from this site or via Apple Podcasts because I have chosen to not continue to pay to host them when as far as I can tell noone is listening to them. If you want to hear them now you will have to make a personal request using my vMail link and I'll send you an email attachment of them. Personal service indeed.

You may also note that my vdAvert video on every page is gone. Links are still there should you wish to discuss advertising on the site with me and you can use vSearch for the vAdvert link to go there direct if needed but the sample video near the top of each page is no more. Which on the mobile version of my site probably improves the experience.

My videos section did not need major updating as I was already linking all my videos to the YouTube version because this is a free to host (subject to advertising) service. Audio only Podcast hosts should hold their heads in shame.

In all there really are just three losers here. Firstly the overpriced webhosting company and now turning the tables feels well overdue. The next losers are those that want to listen to my podcasts and want a simple link. Sorry. The final loser is me. Because I have had to spend a few days recoding every page on my site again and as I now live in a post PC world it all had to be carried out on my iPad, without even the help of a bluetooth keyboard. At least the Koder App makes the process of change and uploading fairly easy.

Author: Vince Poynter
Version 5.321 30 Jun 2021

June 2020

vSearch Update

My vSearch page was getting a bit out of control. You can go there to search for any page or article within the vinceunlimited site by just clicking on a keyword. This worked great when I had a separate page for virtually every article, or I could point the user to the blog page and they could continue on another search from there. The problem was I have been consolidating the huge number of pages that were building up, plus deleting duplicatations where articles resided in two or more sections. This meant that the vSearch listings were too often reading something like 'Article' [within 'Section']. And that was both confusing and inconvenient, not granualar enough.

But I recently realised I could rewrite the code so that clicks went direct to the 'Article' within the 'Section'. Go try it and see. It's a big update. I should be proud and you should be grateful. You're welcome.

Author: Vince Poynter
Version 5.312 16 Jun 2020

May 2020

Background Updates

When I initially designed the very first version of my web site, Version 1.00, I planned to have a separate URL for every page within the site. This meant that the site comprised of many individually linked components. However, as the site versions improved and grew not all articles demanded a seperate URL and could be incorporated more comfortably within another page. Examples of this are the blog articles, each nestled direct within the Blog URL. This helped limit the number of separate pages that need to be maintained and lessened the growing quantity of in site jump links needed.

However, when I designed Version 5, I incorporated many new sections with individual URLs that would share some article contents. In particular my vTypes were designed to accommodate only specific content for particular readers. This meant that some articles were referenced in more than one place. For example a small blog article may be an idea, suitable for a petrolhead. It would therefore need to be in the Blog page, the Ideas page and the Petrolhead page. Without being a separate URL the article would need copying to each place. And updating if there were any gremlins or considered changes. Ineveitably some started to get out of sequence.

Additionally with a growing site of several hundred pages/articles any global updates not catered for via the CSS and js add ons meant a major task going through far too many pages. It is for these reasons I have sometimes redacted individual URL pages and have grouped much content back into single pages. All of which is to explain why this page is version 5.304 and where 5.301 to 5.303 went to.

Version 5.301 updated both my Ideas and Opinions pages, which now include all their respective articles whilst I depracated the individual associated ideas/opinions URLs [with the exception of Mashtop, Ringomash and Solar Panel Innovations, which are the latest and may need to be linked to externally]

Version 5.302 fully populated and updated my Fiction page whilst deprecating the associated story pages

Version 5.303 did the same for my Screenplays and Stage Plays pages and did some tidying up of my TV Shows page to ensure consistency of look

And finally this version updated and fully populated my vType sector Creative

Now I need to find time to check out a better way of dealing with my other duplicates, particularly those articles in the Blog and other places. And add this article into my Geek and Web pages, come to think of it. Links - they never end!

Author: Vince Poynter
Version 5.304 15 May 2020 [First publication]


The author sat on a red Honda 300 quad bike high in rolling grass covered hills in the Welsh countryside. The bike is parked just off a dusty dirt track headed to a small pass. Vince is wearing a grey shell style suit top and blue jeans, green Hunter Wellingtons and a red open faced helmet with black peak
The author defending a pass on a Honda 300 Big Red Quad Bike. Seeing off over 100,000 flies. Probably

Think of the number three hundred and chances are that your mind jumps to the legend that 300 Spartans fought off tens of thousands of Persians during the Battle of Thermopylae around 480BC.

If only each of those 300 Spartans had instead concentrated on doing just a single page update on their web site each then they too could have celebrated about a significant milestone as I do today.

If you notice the version of this article is 5.300 or to put it another way the three hundredth update to Version 5 of the web site.

That means I have written or adapted 300 different articles. And so updated the home page 300 times. Also considered on 300 occasions where to permanently post those 300 articles. Plus updated my vSearch page 300 times. Then up to 300 times checking and if necessary altering my associated Javascript page.

Then done the same 300 times over, only slightly altered, for the mobile version of my web site as I do not have facility to auto scale between landscape and the more mobile friendly portrait mode.

In all probably around 2700 separately hand coded and checked HTML pages and countless other CSS page updates to suit.

Not forgetting the 300 times signing in to an FTP account and 300 times connecting to my web host to upload on average six to ten pages and a couple of photographs or so each time.

And now I’m set ready to start on my page Version 5.301.

Because unlike those Spartans my legend will continue.

Author: Vince Poynter
Version 5.300 9 May 2020 [First publication]
The Battle Of Thermopylae consisted the defence of Greece by somewhere between 3000 and 7000 soldiers against an invading Persian force numbering probably between 100,000 and 150,000 men. Impressive defensive odds but not as romantic a notion as a small force of just 300. It was probably true that around 300 of the total Greek force were Spartans and they were probably within the last group of defence, numbering around 2000 to 2500, at the final pinch point. The defence was finally overwhelmed and as a result the Persians captured the capital, Athens. The romanticised notion of a few brave souls valiantly defending their homeland stuck and has been reinvigorated through Hollywood, firstly in the 1962 film The 300 Spartans then more recently in the 2007 film 300, based on a comic series of the same name by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley and its subsequent sequel 300: Rise of an Empire in 2014
The photograph depicts the author sat on a hired Honda 300 Big Red Quad Bike near Bala, Wales, taken by Lynda Poynter around May 1994

December 2018


Yes, I’m calling it. I have now completed the remastering of my web site. The foundations of version 5 are done.

It’s taken some major commitment from me over the past 15 months and I’ve managed it all in less time than a Brexit.

From now on it will be all new content never before seen on any previous versions of the site.

Yes, I will still need to spend a little time finally tweaking some pages and entries but perfection always needs a bit of polish so that’s just an ongoing chore.

So, tell your friends, inform your colleagues and update your associates vinceunlimited is in business. The future can begin.

Author: Vince Poynter
Version 5.247 11 Dec 2018
First published: Here 5.247 11 Dec 2018

August 2018


One of the most famous incidents from western history is the shooting of American President John F. Kennedy. Few reasonably educated people in the English speaking world would not be aware of some of the facts around this moment. It might just be that it was in the sixties, the assassinated President was travelling in a motorcade, Lee Harvey Oswald was the shooter, there are loads of conspiracy theories and the shot came from a repository.

I didn’t fact check these six commonly known things stated above. Some may be incorrect. For instance was it the sixties? Is Oswald spelt correctly? That’s not important right now. What I want to highlight is two uncommonly used words in this short summation - Motorcade and repository. Both first heard by my young ears around the time it happened and both rarely used to this date.

I’ve never really questioned the term motorcade. Probably because it immediately seemed to describe the line of vehicles involved. Possibly because even today it is used to describe an American Presidential car outing. The British Prime Minister, for instance, never seems to get reported as travelling in a motorcade. Even though it’s often technically true.

The other newly discovered word to my young ears was repository.

What is a repository a small child might ask? A library is the short answer. So why not say library then was the response?

Presumably because if it was a library a chap firing off a high powered firearm would have elicited a cacophony of ‘shhhhhs’ from other users delivered in that passive aggressive way only librarians and library users can achieve.

However the classic response to a small child’s follow up question in those days would have been ‘because it is’ or more likely please accept this clip around the ear as a kindly note to advise you will find out when you are older and stop bothering me now, I am an adult and you are irrelevant.

I can’t recall which type of reasoned explanation was used at the time but I never really questioned the word again as it never comes up in any context, except in reference to the Dallas incident mentioned above. But it was a key memorable fact about the Texas story that still sticks today.

My web site is a repository.

That’s not actually an analogy. It’s a fact. If I were to liken it to a library it would only be analogous. Described as a library it may make sense to some. It contains my web content. It has clearly marked sections for those who seek specialist subjects. It is arranged logically and is open to all. But technically it is an information repository. But it is an incomplete one because at present it is still being stockpiled. And only currently about two-thirds filled with historic content. Mainly the content from previous web site iterations between 2003 and early 2010.

You may note at the bottom of this article the version number is 5.166. This is the one-hundred and sixty-sixth update to the fifth version of my web site. Quite a lot of updates you might think. And you would be right. After I hand-coded and uploaded the current edition of my site I have made 166 new pieces of content. Meaning the repository now contains well over 120 separate pages, and more than 40 individual blog posts. All in HTML5 and linked via CSS styling cues.

This may seem a lot of work and it was but also consider I have done the exact same but in mobile specific form so those numbers can be doubled. In other words over 320 pages have been written or updated.

And in each case every article or blog post is first trailed on the homepage as well as being added to it’s final resting place. So the total number of alterations is more like over 640.

But there’s more. In every instance I consider whether an article may need replicating in a specialist place.

For instance this post will be added to the homepage as usual, plus added to the blog posts where it shall remain but then also added to both the geek and web sections for those who seek such specialist knowledge. Then I’ll update the vSearch page so it can be found. This type of procedure is common and sometimes articles get posted in six or seven places so the repository can be simply navigated.

And all that excludes the many times I have checked my updates only to find link errors, grammatical changes required or just additional content refreshing requirements, such as the updates to the sketches page I posted at the same time as this article.

I estimate that I have written near to 1500 page updates. And I am only two thirds the way through this initial exercise. And when all this is complete I shall continue to add to the stock with exclusively new content.

Quite a repository. And sadly like all repositories it is rarely visited. However, it is always open, it is free to enter and you are most welcome to browse.

And just like the infamous JFK incident, you can be sure there is more of this story to come.

Author: Vince Poynter
Version 5.166 6 Aug 2018
The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was carried out by Lee Harvey Oswald on 22 November 1963 in Dallas, Texas. He fired shots from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository at the presidential motorcade. Many people dispute these facts

March 2018

History Of The vinceunlimited Web Site

Composite screenshots of the vinceunlimited web sites versions 1-3

Cast your minds back to 2003. Cars were drawn along by horses, someone was working on the wheel design and nothing was ever any good because nobody had come up with the idea of sliced bread. Probably. However some steam powered computers were starting to be on the desks of ordinary decent folks. And this intrigued me. The content on this magical non-TV was relatively sparse and what was there seemed within my creative abilities and often well below. So, like an early pioneer I decided I wanted to stake my claim in the ever burgeoning wibbly, wobbly web. I was always writing stuff down, coming up with ideas, sketching down jokes and such but wanted an outlet for my creativity. I always fear that my body of work may never get out and would remain forever stagnant, in my drawers. The web seemed the latest place to publish stuff so I undertook to learn how to secure my bit of web-land.

I soon understood that it's not just a case of clicking on a blank bit of the internet and typing away. Plus this was way before a modern world of helpful Apps and YouTube guides. In those days everything was hand coded to order in a strange new programming language called HTML. I had to buy a book [ask your great-grandfather] to learn about this new fangled HTML gobbledygook. I had tried a bit of code writing in the earliest days of computing, a touch of CP/M in the 1980s and a fragment of MS DOS Basic following this so I was already used to seeing such weird combinations of alphabet characters and rarely used symbols lurking on a screen display.

I undertook to code. And code. And code. I was relentless. It was relentlessly boring. But I was on a roll. Then a wrap and finally a Burrito just to sustain myself. I had a vision of what my site would be like. In those days the internet was usually accessed by a dial up modem through your local telephone land-line and it was miserably slow. If you started to download a sexy picture of a woman one morning it would slowly build one line at a time from the top of the picture and by midday you may be able to tell what colour eyes she had. No idea if she was naked. The dial-tone, in the style of Murray Walker, would interrupt itself long before that. So I determined that my site had to rely on written content and not be peppered by irritating images failing to render.

vinceunlimited Version 1

Screenshot of the Home page of version 1
Screenshot of the Home Page of version 1

Coding began in earnest around August 2003 and by October of that year the site was ready to be published. I had hand-coded 166 pages of wordy musings all interlinked and spattered with hyper-links to other relevant sites.

As can be seen from the accompanying screenshot the site was based on a theme of black text on a silver-grey background with the eponymous title in green. I used underlining for links. It had no graphics.

The four basic navigation sectors remain to this day being the major sub-sections of Ideas, Opinions, Personal and Writing.

During the course of the next two years various version 1 versions and updates were released adding new content, correcting spelling errors and de-bugging any failing links.

Version 1.01 [Yes, I anticipated up to 99 version variants, or at least possibly more than 9] was published in January 2004 and indeed one of the first changes was a versions page, which was helpful for all my stalkers. I modified the Home Page to work on more machines, changed all the poor quality links, an unfortunate side effect of hand coding all the HTML script which ran the pages and surmised that now that I could test the links in a real world situation the number of mis-links would minimise. I invited readers to be my eyes and ears out there (or should I say eyes and thumbs).

Version 1.01 also included new page additions. The major change undoubtably being the publication of the sitcom episode Site for Sore Eyes. A major publication from me taking ages to convert to HTML from the original Sanskrit.

The second version of the first version followed almost as if fate had determined it, in March 2004. Version 1.02 added some sketches plus I released a tantalising start to a full stage-play, along with some extra ideas. After all, I didn't want to loose my reputation as an ideas man. Unless the change was to a ladies man, naturally. No, no. Not a ladyboy. That is entirely different.

You can see, even in these earliest incarnations one thing I wanted to do was get my pre-written content out there. Somewhere. Anywhere.

It was February 2005 before Version 1.03 sprouted legs and got going, boasting over 80 pages. However, the big news for me, as the web site author, was the fact that I had my first feedback, despite the fact that, at that time, I hadn't yet launched the site on the unsuspecting general public. Up to then most readers probably knew me, or knew someone who did. This prompted me to formally notify Google of my presence. No posters, email shots or TV advertising had yet occurred [as if].

I found it interesting to watch people browse the site. It was designed to be read so a user could logically pass from page to page. Readers, however I discovered, have their own agenda along with their own twisted minds so the hyperlinks were abused and ignored with the inevitable disarray that follows. What was wrong with the homepage? One wouldn't read a book by grabbing at random chapters but internet browsing had made us work in this fashion which was a nightmare for me as a web designer. And it is this disordered chaos that resulted in the first memorable quote about my site. A work colleague, upon being asked what he thought of my site said " is rather opinionated..." Admittedly, not the most complimentary of comments but a positive reaction at least. So I enquired further and asked which part of the site he had read. He replied "The opinions section." Ahem.

Pages that were new in v1.03 included My favourite TV and films, Road tests and Quotes.

The final iteration of version 1, Version 1.04, was never formally acknowledged as a separate version as it only re-published current pages. They were all crafted around March 2005.

vincepoynter Version 1

Screenshot of the Home page of version 2
Screenshot of the Home Page of version 1

In March 2005 was launched to provide a formal personal web site and offer an on-line comprehensive curriculum vitae.

The first pages included the homepage, a CV, email, personal, version and webcredit. The personal page had no details and was published ‘under construction’.

The site was hand-coded in HTML with an improved layout incorporating a sidebar, multiple colours and a nifty 3D surround effect.

The colours were toned down for the Apr 2005 Version 1.01 which also added some detail to the personal page incorporating some background about the Poynter name and listed paternal relatives from grandparents to great, great, great grandparents. Plus a link to a page list of self-employment contracts carried out between 1999 and 2005.

Version 1.02 was issued in Jun 2006 which updated the CV and self-employment details and added some facts about Poynters across the world.

Version 1.03 dated Sep 2006 added a link to the vinceunlimited web site.

Version 1.04 was published in Apr 2009 and updated the CV and self-employment details and included a link to IMPRECE, a self-employment limited company set up for formal tax purposes.

Nearly a year later in Mar 2010 Version 1.05 was published simplifying the URL of each page, also updating the CV and self-employment details and the FTP credit.

Then more than two years after that in Jul 2012 Version 1.06 was released as the final iteration of the vincepoynter web site. It again updated the CV and self-employment details, plus removed reference to IMPRECE and updated the hosting credit.

vinceunlimited Version 2

Screenshot of the Home page of version 2
Screenshot of the Home Page of version 2

It took a couple of months after Version 1 before Version 2 of the vinceunlimited web site appeared on the internet in May 2005 with coding that took my site to the next level with a better layout to match the vincepoynter web site with a sidebar, dual colours and a nifty 3D surround effect as shown in the screen capture to the right. It also featured an animated, scrolling copyright notice relentlessly passing across the top of every screen. All this across nearly one hundred pages of wit, intellect and entertainment.

Because of the time taken to recode all the eighty plus pages of the site to the new layout I had not been as productive as I would have liked but did find time to add a major Political Section which could have resided under my Opinions section as it was a major opinion on the political system in Britain. Disillusioned with the incumbent political parties I decided that instead of claiming I could do better I'd offer my own alternative version.

I also added to my Ideas and Opinions sections. Plus more Road Tests including a test on a Bentley Arnage, no less. And Alphacar, an epic vehicle related poem that takes the reader on a journey through many car types.

Finally I gave a small obituary note for the loss of my previous obtuse links at the foot of each page. They had to go. The concept was just too ahead of it's time [read as: one got it].

Version 2.01 was another tranche of uploads hoiked up to my web host in one go (Why are they always web hosts? I'd personally like a web hostess). This July 2005 subset was a mere updating and increasing of pages including a major new addition for this version, the publication of my stage play Perpetually. A long page in web site land translated to the screen from a 67-page printed version. Yes the whole lot on-line.

Plus a road test on my Honda CX500 and two chapters to my growing autobiography. I let loose on my earliest schooldays and a paragraph or two on my family. It was a big step and I couldn't tread those paths without mentioning people that are alive. I did note that if that might be you note that the blind never read ill of themselves. And wondered, is that a proverb? Which is where my next new feature came in.

I added a brand new page that I called webquotes. So named to distinguish it from my other quotations page.

Finally, I had so many ideas floating around that I posted not one, not two, not even indeed any number totalling four or above, but instead three new ideas, with an assurance that there was many more to come. Some just languishing around lazily on my hard drive just waiting to get electronically heart massaged into life.

During September 2005 version 2.02 added a new page within the Opinions section, plus a road test article on my Kwaker 750. I also added to my autobiography with an anecdote or two about water-skiing, within a section I entitled Action Vince.

As usual more of my zany ideas were included. Four newbies this time, taking the total to fifteen.

Finally, conscious of the changing nature of personal web site activity, I embarked on a new web blog. Which, by it's sporadic nature started to affect my neat version numbering system. The purpose of the blog was to float little ideas and opinions that may not justify a whole new page. But one entry did became so absorbing that I decided to transmutate it into a whole page.

It wasn't until June 2006 that Version 2.03 arrived including a ten most hated list along with another list for my top ten artists and a couple more ideas.

Plus a new invention of mine providing neat little thought provoking rhymes and a pitch. Not to mention some quote and blog updates. Which I have now done.

It was another six months before I updated again. Version 2.04 was released in December 2006 and notably included some radio scripts I had previously submitted to the BBC. Plus I fingered my keyboard to spill the beans on a few future concepts within my fiction and TV Shows pages. Along with a few more jokes and quotes.

Finally, I was as proud as pudding to announce that my site had now received actual feedback so my points of view page was born.

vinceunlimited Version 3

Original sketch laying out version 3 of the vinceunlimited web site
The original sketch laying out version 3 of the vinceunlimited web site

In HTML coding I always struggled with word wrapping, getting the text to set and hug neatly around images. I also struggled with graphic based links and couldn't find the time and way to code version three which was planned to look like the image on the right.

Also, although the concept of HTML coupled with CSS was initially released in 1996 it didn't really appear on my radar and be understood by me until much later. Despite much standard HTML testing it never quite looked like I wanted it to look on a Mac and PC but a potential saviour was waiting on my desktop.

In January 2006 Apple had launched a seemingly perfect tool for me. The introduction of their colourful and simple to use Mac OS iWeb Application appeared to offer a solution. It was generally six or so months between major updates of my web site due to work and mortgage paying requirements. I enjoyed the writing but the coding was a bit arduous. Every page seemed to need an HTML update at each major iteration. But iWeb promised drag and drop images and simple WYSIWYG text updating.

I decided to go with it and embarked on a long process of selecting a layout, then transferring my 120 pages or so of HTML coding back into standard text and then into iWeb, along with adding some carefully selected pictures with graphic touches to suit the site look.

Screenshot of the Home page of version 3
Screenshot of the Home Page of version 3

iWeb became the basis for version 3 of my web site but it took until March 2010 until it was ready for publication. Are you paying attention to these dates? A quiz will follow.

One issue was the abandonment of my version variants. iWeb was designed to be a living, breathing application. I could have opted for formal version updates or theme changes but the concept seemed to suit a live update process, leaving the home-page to be a set look and updates added as required to various sections. This would assist in me maintaining a consistent web site look, which is important to regular readers. However, the downside is that each time a visitor came to the site it would look unaltered, unless they delved deeper into the sub-sections.

Most article updates started in my blog section. It was becoming a trend of personal web sites. FaceBook, Twitter and WordPress was encouraging the process of regular, daily, even hourly updates. And everyone was moving away from the concept of personal web sites. Ease of use for the masses meant that peoples' personal webspace was being absorbed into the major players.

I too had embraced these new concepts. Around October 2007 I had joined FaceBook and in January 2009 Twitter. Although I tended to keep my various on-line identities as separate entities.

Various blog entries were added to my iWeb site between the launch date and March 2011, including transcripts from the best of my own Twitter feeds.

In the end Apple had other ideas about keeping this iWeb pet project alive and it's last iteration was in July 2011. It became clear that I had to find another way to maintain my web presence.

vinceunlimited Version 4

Screenshot of the Home page of version 4
Screenshot of the Home Page of version 4

With the continued growth of FaceBook, Twitter and WordPress personal web sites appeared to have become a bit passé. The era of the common blog had really taken root. For one thing this solved the issue of static front home pages as the blog style content kept the front page looking fresh. So this bandwagon was truly seized upon when I clambered aboard a WordPress site, in July 2012, effectively making this the fourth version of

Over the next couple of years I persisted with my WordPress site, trying one or two pre-determined layouts as I went. WordPress is mostly about piggy-backing on other people's hard worked designs and I always felt that trying to disguise this plagiarism with a bit of personal customisation awkward and unsatisfactory.

Another nail in this coffin was the increasing charges made for using this service. Admittedly someone has to host a web site and it is right and correct that this service should be paid for. The provider has to hold your site contents and feed it out to those that request it. I was always a tiny, minor player, considering the traffic that went to some sites so I always opted for the most basic of services and WordPress provided this sort of service free. However, when I wanted to add audio files in August 2014 a use charge was levied. Not based on actual number of downloads but on an assumption I was the BBC. This affected my view of the service.

Additionally, I missed the days where I could feel pride in the fact that I hand-coded my own web site. Anybody could put out a blog, not many knew how to write the background stuff. Plus converting standard WordPress pages to include additional sections and getting the articles in them to be searchable is really difficult. At least, I never discovered a way.

Furthermore the promise of riding with a pack like WordPress is that one can expect a bit of cross fertilisation to help with getting my thoughts and words out there. Go to the .com page and there are countless adverts showing off the sites' wonderful users' content. But I saw very little evidence of such subtle advertisement and what interest I did received could have just as easily arrived randomly.

vinceunlimited Version 5

Screenshot of the first Home page of version 5
Screenshot of the first Home Page of version 5

For all of the above reasons I decided to go back to first principles and code the thing again myself, hence this version 5, based on the original concept idea I had for version 3. All hand coded in HTML 5 with external associated CSS stylesheet and JavaScript files.

Innovations in version 5 include a three column layout with blog style front page featuring text wrapped images with each article to have a release date as well as first published information. Also one click access to a mobile view version with every page replicated in a mobile format, clickable photo icons, vSearch, opportunities to advertise with vAdvert plus a vType drop down menu and 'Random Page Generator' links, along with a mini live Twitter feed. Other than all that just the same as always.

So what will the future bring? Well firstly I need to re-establish my web site presence, flying solo again as vinceunlimited and not via a third party. I need to rebuild the approximately 200 plus pages of site content once more so there is a great library of my stuff and re-establish links where possible. And I need to find space for all the previously written blog articles to nestle, fully searchable by date, title and theme. And I need to get all those brand new blog ideas which are currently festering on my hard drive out into the big old webosphere.

And when all this is done I will no doubt settle back, have a quick ponder then immediately look to version 6, which will be much more Web 2.0 with live floating graphics, interactivity, 4D content and maybe even touch and smell sensitive. All as an implantosite in your brain. Probably.

Author: Vince Poynter
Version 5.081 13 Mar 2018
First Published: Version 5.001 30 Sep 2017
Outdated links removed: Version 5.070 13 Feb 2018
Version 5.081 13 Mar 2018 added Version 1.00 details

December 2017

Version 5 Phase 2 Completed

So, I’ve now completed phase two of the rebuilding of my version five web site.

Phase one was the preparation and initial launch back in September and this second phase was to add, page by page, an enhanced copy of the content originally published on my site in version 1.0 back in October 2003.

And it’s all done, bar the odd debugging and consistency fixing.

A total of nearly 100 pages now exist in both desktop and mobile formats. All told nearly 200 hand coded web pages.

If you have been following the uploads you will have already seen a truly eclectic mix of ideas, opinions, writing and information. Now all with added photography enhancement and detail notes. And this is just the start.

The new presentation allows you to either watch everything happen on the homepage or selectively choose to follow a style or theme.

For example follow a blog format or you can pick your type such as a geek or petrolhead and follow only the content that you have a specific interest in.

Or you can even randomly select a page, do a search for specific articles or select content based on a phrase or snippet that interests you.

So, is this all my original untouched content from version 1.00. Well, not quite. But it’s all you are getting. Things have moved on from 2003 and I have had to do just a tiny bit of editing.

Mostly it has been just grammar corrections and layout updating but I have also chosen to omit some silly links, plus those outside of the web site as many now no longer exist.

Plus I have had to temper some phrases used in one article which now read a touch insensitive and I chose to exclude a full idea I previously had about a screensaver based on a then popular but now discredited television personality.

So what about phases three and onward.

Well next up, commencing very early next year, will be the web site additions originally issued in subsequent versions of my site numbered 1.01 to 1.04.

Followed by selective and relevant content to be added to the ‘About Me’ section.

Then I’ll be moving on to adding the 2005 onward web 2.xx versions, including my first referenced blogs from originally around 2006.

This will be followed by my 2010 onward iWeb content and then finally the 2012 to 2017 WordPress articles which include my 2014 podcasts.

Plus various interesting interim diary, Social Media content and even selective YouTube videos.

So, an awful lot to come, all to be added one bit at a time over the course of the next year and possibly beyond!

And then I can finally get around to really enhancing the site with brand new content from my extensive pending store of notes about writing and blog ideas, with more opinions, great inventions, ground breaking business plans and more planned superb content such as photography, audio and visual stuff to really make use of the new enhanced layout.

You can see I still have a raft of work ahead and I hope a few surprises along the way. So I would really appreciate you joining me on this journey to enjoy this ever growing, extensive online collection of my body of creative work.

And that should answer the question most asked of me. Why are you doing a web site?

Thanks for following.

Author: Vince Poynter
Version 5.046 30 Dec 2017
Written and first published: Version 5.046 30 Dec 2017

P.S. Remember all pages can be interactive so please email me if you have any questions or thoughts.

October 2017

Launch Debugging

Extract from Version 5 of the vinceunlimited web site
Screenshot of the first Home Page of Version 5 of the vinceunlimited web site

Thanks for taking a look at my re-launched web site. It has taken many hours to get to this stage so your few minutes of viewing are really welcome

It wasn't until I got it all uploaded yesterday that I realised there were a few bugs, as I suppose there often are with projects of this scale.

The main problem encountered was my coding. All links were shown as [typical] /linkname but in the uploading process they were saved as /linkname.htm I quickly got around this problem by renaming them all via my FTP client back to /linkname This got the site up and running. A cheeky fix but it worked.

However, as I am a perfectionist at heart and I wanted ease of use in future uploads I decided to re-code all the pages, all 107 odd desktop and mobile, to suit. I'm not sure what you did today.

Now, I shall start the actual process of updating my files so the site is properly fully populated. Watch this space.

Author: Vince Poynter
Version 5.002 1 Oct 2017
First Published: Version 5.002 1 Oct 2017

September 2017

vinceunlimited Web Site Version 5 Launched

Original sketch laying out version 3 of the vinceunlimited web site
The original sketch laying out version 3 of the vinceunlimited web site, now finally achieved at version 5

Dan, dan, delah! Der, der, der, derrh! Tah Da! And however you might spell a drumroll. has roared into stage 5!

And it's a return to the original vinceunlimited concept idea. I have gone back to basics and have elected, once more, to learn how to and then do all the web-coding myself. And appropriately, the latest standard for web coding is HTML 5. So I've had to learn a whole bunch of updated rules.

Plus to do this properly I also had to learn the associated coding for CSS and Javascript. If you are unsure what all this means basically the HTML bit handles the layout and words, the CSS stuff seperates out the colours and styles and the Javascript jibberish allows complex page selection such as the Random Page Selector button actions on the right.

My original vinceunlimited site, forseeingly known as version 1, was catipulted onto the main stage in October 2003. It was hand coded in a contemporaneous version of HTML.

Version 2, appeared on the internet in May 2005 with coding that took my site to the next level with a better layout, a sidebar and dual colours.

I always struggled with getting HTML coding to set and wrap around images and with image links and couldn't find the time and way to code version three which was planned to look like the image above but I was saved all this effort by the introduction of Apple's colouful WYSIWYG iWeb App so this became the basis for actual version 3, in March 2010. Are you paying attention to these dates. A quiz will follow. But Apple had other ideas about keeping this iWeb pet project alive and I had to find another way to maintain my web presence.

In 2012, July to be a bit more precise, with the development of FaceBook and Twitter, personal web sites seemed to be going out of fashion. The era of the common blog had really started. And this bandwagon was truly seized upon when I clambered aboard a WordPress site, effectively making this the fourth version of

But WordPress is mostly about piggy-backing on other people's hard worked designs and trying to disguise this plagiarism with a bit of personal customisation. I always found this awkward and unsatisfactory so decided to go back to first principles and code the thing again myself, hence this version 5.

Have I bucked the trend? Am I just showing off? Or am I just avoiding the sheeple? These questions and less will be answered in the next few years.

For the full vinceunlimited story check out the Versions link at the top right side of this site.

Author: Vince Poynter
Version 5.001 30 Sep 2017
First Published: Version 5.001 30 Sep 2017

August 2014

All White

As you may have noticed I've been fiddling with my format again, but don't worry it will be all white.

I felt I needed to freshen things up a little and in line with modern design have decided to forgo the previous skeuomorphism in favour of a neater, simpler look.

I'm not alone. This sanitisation has been happening all over the place from interior design to computer operating systems.

Ironically, with their new, less fussy environment designer's minds have been freed to experiment more radically and along with the availability of cheaper and simpler manufacturing, general designs have become more ambitious. Less simple. Take a look at some modern upmarket watches or maybe car headlight design for instance.

I'm hoping this new approach will help me as well. So look forward to more exciting content soon.

Author: Vince Poynter
Version 5.206 8 Oct 2018
First published: WordPress 4 Aug 2014

August 2013

The Ups and Downs

Ladles and gentlepens. Apologies if you have been checking my WordPress site recently and have been seeing strange things. That is, stranger than my normal posts.

You see, I used to have a full web site full of words, ideas, opinions, thoughts, writing, quotes and stuff all of which I hand coded. Clever me. However it was all a bit texty and pre-2005 so I transferred it all to Apple's own Web publisher some time ago and added some pretty images to lessen the impact.

Unfortunately Apple never moved on with iWeb so it too became out of date and not very Web two point zero. Plus no other site wanted to talk with it. Its life had come to an end and following an unrelated falling out with my hoster it all passed away.

Determined not to let my public down I started WordPressing. Particularly as the blog model was overtaking the personal site in internetland.

However, I still harboured an underlying desire to return to full sitery. I cherish my historic content and further I have a growing interest in podcasting and you need a base from which to launch your voice onto an unsuspecting public.

So I have been investigating the possibility of using this WordPress pad to base my online empire. But have hit a wall.

If you have been getting auto-updates from this site you may have seen some pages come and now go. This is because I have experimented with uploading sheaves of historic content here. But it all failed at the fourth picture upload. So it's clearly not the way for me to go.

Looks like I am going to have to find a proper text editor, update my HTML5 skills and do a crash course in CSS.

I'll let you know when it's ready. Expect my call in 2017.

I would be interested in learning how others do it. I am aiming for a Web 2.0 site with clickable icons, multi-paged, commonly themed web site with photo and audio uploads. It needs to be created by an iOS device (iPad or iPhone) as I am aiming to move away from the desktop/laptop model. It must be future proofed, so not some fly-by-night App. I own my domain, have coded in HTML and have sorted hosting so only need a web developer tool or decent text editor. Any help will be appreciated. By which you are not to assume recompensed.

And I won't fiddle with my WordPress again.

Author: Vince Poynter
Version 5.200 27 Sep 2018
First published: WordPress 4 Aug 2013

July 2012

Technically Version 4

The release of the fourth iteration of my web site presence

A screenshot of my WordPress site
A sample screenshot from my WordPress site [from 2 Jan 2015]

Another significant milestone has been reached in the remastering of my web site. Version 4 has been released. Technically.

Allow me to explain, particularly to those of you who have not read my Versions page.

Versions 1 to 3 of my web site [plus all versions] were hand coded in HTML with an increasingly sophisticated look. However I noted that many others were abandoning the owner web site model, preferring the simpler, specialist, preformed, blog or web page model offered by the likes of WordPress and Facebook.

I too had started a FaceBook account and envied the simplicity of easily updating articles into a blog like WordPress compared to the HTML fiddling I had been using on my previous web site versions. I choose to use WordPress as it was a market leader and required less explanation to interested others. Plus I considered it the best option for probable cross-platform free advertising I could get for my online presence.

So I set about abandoning my previous hand coding efforts and on 16 Jul 2012 opened a WordPress site with a view to doing daily/weekly/sometimesly blogs.

Initially I wanted to wholesale import my entire web site back catalogue of articles, opinions, ideas and writing from my web site into WordPress but it didn't seem designed for this and didn't quite seem to work that way but I soon understood that in time I could add WordPress 'pages' which could be retrospectively populated with all my excellent historic nonsense. So I kept my 'old' web site going but started to add new things on WordPress and redirected links to to the WordPress site.

WordPress had technically become the fouth version of my web site.

The first task was to get it started so I wrote a 'first' blog post plus added an introduction page to tell the WordPress community about myself.

The first blog post will follow* but this was my 'introduction'.

A strip of five headshot photographs of Vince.  In a white shirt in an office, a black and white photo with tousled hair, a thoughtful pose with head in right hand, a smiling photo with the caption stating the vinceunlimited podcast and one in a black shirt with head resting in left hand

Vince was created in the South of England in a decade where skirt lengths and popular cars shared a name. As a teenager in the seventies Vince was forced to work for a living which effectively oozed all the creativity out of his life for too many decades.

Occasionally the real Vince emerges and you are witnessing one of these occasions. A biker [motorised, please], ideas man, fan of technology, humorist, petrolhead, imaginatist. All words indeed, with some even making sense.

The blogs and content will be about these things and more. Like the changing weather in the country if you're not sure about the current post wait around, the next may be just the thing for you. Conversely this does mean that if you like something you are unlikely to get that same feeling again. Ho hum.

What you will get though is true creationism. No, not that fallible religious notion but genuine new thought provoking content. And if this isn't your thing then go forth and be sheared.

Finally, please do feel free to comment, if your device and aptitude is up to such things. Never be afraid to pop your head over the parapet. You are highly likely to receive a smile.

Author: Vince Poynter
Version 5.189 6 Sep 2018
Written 6 Sep 2018 [except as below]
The WordPress introduction was written and first published on my WordPress site on 16 Jul 2012
The first image is a screenshot from my WordPress site taken on 2 Jan 2015 and does not reflect the 'scheme' originally chosen in Jul 2012
The second image is the individual page header image used on my WordPress web site on 16 Jul 2012
*Now see my Blog

April 2010

Oh Yea! Oh Yea!

So the site [Version 3] is finally up and running. A few teething troubles getting iWeb to publish it on the Apple Server farm in the correct way then republish it in the proper place at the URL but it’s there and raring to go.

I did some tests on the formatting both on my Apple machines via Safari and then on my Dell notebook on both IE8 and Firefox. Firefox handled the layout well but IE8 seemed to want to put the photo captions below the photos, pushing the whole page down and off the end. Frankly this is the result of using a MS Windows browser and serves you right. It may be an XP issue so I’ll wait for the comments to filter through.

Regarding comments, the Apple version at [Apple link no longer available] should provide an easy way to add comments to these blogs. Go via the URL and the facility isn’t repeated. However the mail link can be used to send comments to me.

Also, the process of adding to the URL from iWeb converts the site address to an unnecessarily complex which could be altered by complex HTML reprogramming but Version 3 was meant to eliminate all that.

For any way you visit the experience should be similar and finally I can announce that vinceunlimited is back where it belongs and I duly did that at some of my various SM sites.

Posted on my Facebook site

Hi All, just to let you all know the spammers have been defeated, the moat refilled and the drawbridge raised so I can formally announce that is up and running again.

I have redesigned it completely using a preformed skin and uploaded some photos to enhance the many and increased words.

Let me know how your browser deals with it as it was composed on a Mac and so far only quickly tested on that and a Windows notebook.

I found that Firefox handled the layout better than IE8 but then again if you are using IE8 then you deserve no better!

If you visit via [Apple link no longer available] then you should get the full experience including ability to post comments on my blog, although why I'm telling you lot that I've no idea.

Any feedback will be most welcome.

Keep FaceBooking, Vince

Posted on my MySpace site

Just a quickie to let you all know that the vinceunlimited web site is back up and running. Get your browser to show you and you'll see what I mean. Revamped, new content, pictorially enhanced and continuing its theme of idling away the time for any reader. Makes you wanna go all [smiley]


You will have to wait until the end of the year to see what I twittered, unless you go to Still you have all year now to read the site.

Author: Vince Poynter
Version 5.179 23 Aug 18
First Published: Blog within Version 3.0 on 1 Apr 2010

March 2010

Version 3

Screenshot of the Home page of version 3.  It has a stamp style photograph of the author leaning on a column at the Colosseum.  Surrounded is a yellowish background with travel style stamps and a four colour biro.  The leather style header contains the various section links.  The site is subtitled
Screenshot of the Home Page of version 3

Finally, at last and thank Poodles, all the toiling is done and I finally release Version 3 of my revamped vinceunlimited web site onto the world wide web.

As you can see it is finally a colourful affair, containing all the previous wordy goodness and supplemented from my photo-montage of relevant imagery all dressed up in a stock Apple cloak.

The content from previous versions of the site is shoehorned into the new sections and a bit of new writing is also included just to make you read the whole lot all over again. Highlights include new Jokes in the Comedy section, geek data in the Computers section, new Writing and the inclusion of previously written, selected, journal entries which can be found nestling in the archive section of the Weblog.

As I write this last piece of the jigsaw I am not entirely sure that the final button press will send this to where it needs to go but if you are reading this then my work is done. Only not quite, because this is Version 3.0. I’m not about to promise Version 4 as you and I have waited long enough for this but this new format allows me to update things much quicker and will encourage me to prise all the old articles from my baggage, write brand new words to further enhance your enjoyment of my site and savage my iPhoto content for more piccy wizardry.

You may also note that the site is much more personalised. You should see much more of the Vince in the vinceunlimited coming through the ether. My online persona has finally got a face and with that face comes eyes. Two of them to be precise. And those eyes like to read and so I invite you to send more feedback to satisfy said eyes. For instance, let me know if this new format formats on your machine, whether it takes too long to download, perhaps gets strangled by your puritanical office web-nanny, if an important bit is missing or if any of the words are like that young female fur-trapper - Miss Pelt. Or even comment if all is just hunky-dory. Email me if you like stuff, or don’t, or want something developed. By which I mean writing development as I cannot offer a photo-negative developing service.

So get the fanfare trumpets at the ready. Prepare the dancing bears. Send the message to the jugglers. Light the pyrotechnics. Let’s rock…

Author: Vince Poynter
Version 5.178 22 Aug 18
First Published: Version 3.0 on 29 Mar 2010
The image is a screenshot of the Home page of Version 3

Computers Web 2010

Screenshot of the Home page of version 3.  It has a stamp style photograph of the author leaning on a column at the Colosseum.  Surrounded is a yellowish background with travel style stamps and a four colour biro.  The leather style header contains the various section links.  The site is subtitled
Screenshot of the Home Page of version 3

Wibbly, Wobbly, Webbly - An update at March 2010

No, not a home for arachnids but details of this site. The software which I used and which design house I employed [Do you really think this is professionally made?].

Here are details of the software used to create and uplift this webpage to the great World Wide Web and onto your screen.

This is the third generation layout of my first effort at designing and producing a web site and I have finally surrendered to time and used a web-creation package, namely Apple’s iWeb.

O.K. I can’t boast of programming in HTML any more but content is King so at least now that it’s out I can make pretty updates quicker.

I now use the inbuilt web creation FTP supplied with iWeb and if I feel the need to go all manual I get in touch with my FileZilla side.

I use BT as a broadband Internet Service Provider. And in return they give me a whopping 6mB of the 8mB they promise. I am also a signed up member of the MobileMe family so Grannie Smith also does a spot of hosting on my behalf.

I use Web-Mania as a Web Server provider. The price is reasonable so naturally they let someone into my account once. Nerds.

I would add it onto the Apple servers but would lose an element of personalisation.

Web Site conceived, designed, produced, checked and sent to you by Vince. So that's me then.

*E-mail me on don' if you can't read this site

Author: Vince Poynter
Version 5.188 5 Sep 18
First Published: Version 3.0 in Mar 2010
I confirmed that I was using Filezilla as a FTP programme and hosting via UK2 as confirmed in my now superseded site ver 1.06 dated Jul 2012
The image is a screenshot from the upper section of the Version 3.0 web site, first seen in Mar 2010 and added to this article in Version 5.168 8 Aug 2018

December 2009

Temporary Message

Web Site update.

Decided to completely remove my old vinceunlimited web site content due to the malware infections and replace it with a temporary message.

If for any reason you have bookmarked my site or any content pages I suggest you delete the links, particularly as these will never be used in that format again.

I'll keep you informed when the proper version is ready.

My vincepoynter site is unaffected

Author: Vince Poynter
Version 5.159 24 Jul 2018
First Published: FaceBook 10 Dec 2009

Web Site Fail News

00:33 - Hi guys. Just a quick note to warn you all not to head for my web site at the moment as some shady spammers have attempted a Somalian Pirate move on it prompting Google to ward off visitors. I have hoovered out the culprits and reset settings but you will still get the Nuclear melt-down messages for now. This could be my incentive to get on with finalising version 3.0

19:32 - Can anyone recommend a great web hoster? Primary ability must be to have a closed front door

Author: Vince Poynter
Version 5.157 20 Jul 2018
First Published: FaceBook 8 Dec 2009
At the time the Web Host I was using was Web-Mania

November 2009

Jet Wash[ing Up]

A photograph of the back of my wife in a red tee-shirt and beige cap stood on a balcony just as a nine plane Red Arrows jet formation flies past, trailing their blue, white and red smoke
A Red Arrows display begins in August 2009. No idea of how many pilots were wearing make up

I'm in the process of readying the next update to my vinceunlimited web site.

To be honest I've been in this process for some time.

I recently made a decision to abandon the plan to hand code a replacement and instead rely on the built in iWeb application that came with my Apple software, despite all it's limitations such as lack of meta tagging, inability to child page and inability to include the basic widgets on non-Apple standard servers etc.

I deduced that it really is content that matters.

Thankfully, I have now discovered I can quickly copy paste content from my current version so I do not need to retype all the 120 pages of content.

However, having the site on the operating table and not up and running means that days like today frustrate me as a great story came out about the first female Red Arrows pilot.

The scope for a playful blog was hardly satisfied by my Tweet entry suggesting all displays would now run at precisely five past three to allow for a quick lipstick fix.

Author: Vince Poynter
Version 5.155 18 Jul 2018
Written as an entry in MyDiary 12 Nov 2009
First Published: Version 3.0 Mar 2010
The photograph shows the arrival of a nine-plane Red Arrows display over Bournemouth in August 2009. I took the picture timed to show the exact time of arrival as my wife waited patiently for the start of the display

October 2003

Computers Web 2003

Home Spun Facts

Textedit extract from vinceunlimited html home web page
Screenshot of the some sample HTML coding for version 1.00

You have reached the web page of vinceunlimited. The details of the software used to create and uplift this web page to the great World Wide Web and onto your screen.

As this is my first effort at designing and producing a web site I decided to keep it simple using a widely available programme which would produce a product that was readable on the majority of the world's computers, using minimum facilities.

From the outset I decided that content was far more important than fancy graphics and fonts although I hope to improve the general look and content in future releases and when more users have faster internet access.

A standard look is vital in creating visual consistency and will aid the reader in remembering the site. And it saves me having to constantly invent styles.

If you like what you see, or can imagine what I could achieve with better facilities and want me to help you design your site - contact me. My services are available.

Web Site Creation Software

Originally I used a standard version of Microsoft FrontPage Express, version 2.0. Although from version 1.03 the code was hand written in HTML (ask your son) using Microsoft Notepad. No other software was used. Does it show?


I use Smart FTP. Because it can be loaded free for private users. And I'm not loaded.


I use Freeserve as an Internet Service Provider. Free. So give them a big hand.

Web server - Where this is stored

I use Web-Mania as an Web Server provider. The price is reasonable so they come well recommended.

Web Site conceived, designed, produced, checked and sent to you, by Vince. So that's me then.

Author: Vince Poynter
Version 5.151 13 Jul 2018
First Published: Version 1.00 in Oct 2003
Version 1.03 Feb 2005 included note about using MS Notepad
My ISP provider Freeserve were bought by Wanadoo in 2000 although I never knew this at the time of the article and was still using 'Freeserve' and my Freeserve email at the time of posting. Orange purchased Wanadoo in 2006 and I noted the change to Wanadoo then Orange in my formal web site Version 1.02 in Jun 2006. This was confirmed within Version 2.04 of around Dec 2006 where I noted that I had moved from Freeserve/Wanadoo/Orange to BT and now had 6mB of capacity [also noted in]
Version 1.04 Apr 2009 of noted that I changed FTP supplier from Smart FTP to another free service by Cyberduck
Version 5.009 19 Oct 2017 added image and links with minor editing