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This is the page where you can begin to add your contribution to the vinceunlimited experience.

You can comment on any page, idea, opinion, photo or blog. It's your free choice.

To do emailing just click the link below to send a web-comment straight to the heart of the vinceunlimited operation, where a luminary no lesser than Vince himself will assess it's true value and also whether to add your narrative to the great content collection.

Please let Vince know which page you are commenting on.

Or just send a little message. It's all in you're hands

A word of warning before you click away. To prevent unscrupulous individuals automatically trawling my website for a handy email address to send copious amounts of spam I have been forced, quite against my will you understand, to add a few kisses into the email address link below. So when you select it just delete the kisses from your 'send to' address line and the message will get to me. If however you are an unscrupulous but strangely non-automated spammer and are reading this comment remember that I would like to receive chips with my spam

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Author: Vince Poynter
Version 5.001 30 Sep 2017
First Published: Version 5.001 30 Sep 2017