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A large, grey Sony Trinitron CRT television sat on a dark wood TV corner stand unit
A TV set. In the days after Black and White and before LCD. During the postbwprelcd period

Have you got a budget for a TV channel? With so many out there I guess that someone might. Are you stuck for an idea? Well, be stuck no longer. I'll direct you to a fabulous place where you can see so many great new TV concepts. Well I won't exactly direct you far as they are all just below. But don't just steal these pitches, as that wouldn't be the conduct of a proper gentleman and my subsequent action will also be ungentlemanly. Give me a call and we'll turn these embryonic little peaches into full blown screenbusters. I'm waiting...


Note that at first publication these ideas and pitches are genuinely original. Time passes so some may now possibly seem derivative. The question is who did the derivating? If you know of similar produced programmes do let me know. Plus, if you want something to commission why not contact me for more great ideas

Animated [Working title] [added Jan 2020] - A sitcom, perhaps, set in a zoo or dogs home or cattery where the animals talk amongst themselves but return to animal noises when people are around

Celebrity Character Game Show [added Dec 2006] - We love the characters formed by our favourite actors and comedians but they rarely interact with each other. Why not have a game show where each of the contestants are chosen from the wide selection of quirky oddballs from our best TV shows? Wouldn't it be fun watching Swiss Toni take on Blackadder or Ken Barlow challenging Vicky Pollard? Naturally the whole thing will have to be scripted so the character's scriptwriters will earn their bit as well

The Clock [Working title] [added Jan 2020] - A game show with a central 'clock' character, a large 7 feet tall grandfather clock with a large LCD panel screen face which can be swivelled 90 degrees from landscape to portrait mode. The clock face can either be a friendly face, a timepiece or even have questions on it. Rounds can be entitled 'Against the Clock' or similar. With Against the Clock the contestants are sat either side and cannot see the clock face and have to complete tasks whilst guessing the time passed

For Four [Working title] [added Jan 2020] - A TV dating show in which four guys have to select four girls some attractive, others less so [or vice-versa] and have to agree which one dates which. They all get separate holidays but the twist is that unless they all agree then no one gets to go away. Possible pitch for Channel Four?

Great Britain [Working title] [added Jan 2020] - A new Saturday Evening show. Featuring and celebrating all that is great about Britain in a post Brexit world. Featuring Great Britons, profiles of great Britons past and present including political, business and entertainers; British Inventions, showcasing British inventions and achievements; British News, with upbeat good news stories; British landmarks and attractions with outside broadcasts in different locations for each one but also showing the smaller and more esoteric places; British Technology, featuring tech movers and shakers, vloggers, bloggers, gamers, coders etc; British Film & TV celebrated; British Vehicles; British Food etc. Ooh, I'm feeling all patriotic

The Things [Working title] [added Jan 2020] - Sometime in the near future... Like just next week or something. The Internet Of Things. A sitcom about a houseful of various internet connected devices who chat and get up to mischief every time the house owners go out. Tag line is 'Toy Story for Appliances'. Wherein the Roomba keeps taking the cat for a ride, Apple and Samsung devices resolutely refuse to get on and the router is constantly fighting off viruses [A slight issue with this idea is that since coming up with this idea I did hear a Radio 4 sitcom using a similar concept. With apologies for not knowing its title]

Reduction [Working title] [added Jan 2020] - A quiz show where contestants start with a huge sum of money, answer a set number of questions and take home any money that’s left. But each question gets more difficult and must be answered to move on. Clues can be purchased along the way which reduce the sum. Or the money can be halved to skip to the next question.

Speak To The Nation [internal site link to the Ideas section] [added June 2006*] - TV is at its most modern when it is paying for itself so this gem promises just that. Click the title or the blue button below to find out more

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