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Hello. You have arrived at the vinceunlimited Stage Plays page.

The stage plays page is a section in the website where I can show off my play writing skills.

Here are and in due course will be, the links to the fictional pitches, stories and ideas that may work on a raised platform in front of a captive audience. And possibly in front of some willing watchers as well.

This page is in development, as will probably always be due to the large number of ideas that the I have, so please be patient and check back here regularly.


Author: Vince Poynter
Version 5.096 11 Apr 2018
First published in similar format: Version 1.02 Mar 2004
First published in this format: Version 5.059 19 Jan 2018

Stage Plays by Vince

Vince on a stage throwing his arms wide
Believe in me. I can fill this whole area here. With words.

A dusty, cold, dark area marked out only by a raised profile and some strange aluminium structures sits in front of a row of upturned seats. A stage. Lifeless. Pointless in fact.

But then comes the troupe of willing workers, all ready to transform this innocuous area into an exciting space for the following actors to inhabit.

Lines learnt, lighting designed, directors nervous and a growing crowd of onlookers all ready to be taken on a compelling, imaginary and facsinating journey.

But wait. Nothing is happening. The stage is blank. No technicians. Actors looking for work elsewhere and an audience still at home watching a repeat of a dreary home-makeover show.

This is because nothing, repeat nothing, can start without a writer. And here is my small contribution to avoid this scenario.

Writing plays for the stage is a time consuming process. So far the selections here are just one full stage play and a start on another. Any development of each idea would need to be discussed at great length over a nice cup of tea.

So, if you are a stage commissioner wondering where your next writer is then follow your heart and investigate the following.

Full Completed Stage Plays

Perpetually - The first full play that I have written, complete and unabridged. Mainly because I do not know how to bridge. This play was initially conceived after performing a J.B. Priestly 'time-play' and reading the authors other offerings. Whist Priestley covered some aspects of time he didn't do this one. At the time of writing it has never been staged and awaits it's world premier. If you know of a drama group that wishes to produce the play send me a message via the medium of email. Just once though, not perpetually.


The Will - A comedic stage play investigating just how far people will go for money


Author: Vince Poynter
Version 5.096 11 Apr 2018
First Published: Version 1.02 in Mar 2004
The image depicts the author messing around on the stage on board the cruise liner Queen Elizabeth on 18 Jun 2012. It was added in Version 5.059 19 Jan 2018