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Vince on a stage throwing his arms wide
Believe in me. I can fill this whole area here. With words.

A dusty, cold, dark area marked out only by a raised profile and some strange aluminium structures sits in front of a row of upturned seats. A stage. Lifeless. Pointless in fact. But then comes the troupe of willing workers, all ready to transform this innocuous area into an exciting space for the following actors to inhabit. Lines learnt, lighting designed, directors nervous and a growing crowd of onlookers all ready to be taken on a compelling, imaginary and facsinating journey.

But wait. Nothing is happening. The stage is blank. No technicians. Actors looking for work elsewhere and an audience still at home watching a repeat of a dreary home-makeover show. This is because nothing, repeat nothing, can start without a writer. And here is my small contribution to avoid this scenario.

Writing plays for the stage is a time consuming process. So far the selections here are just one full stage play, a start on another and the initial thinkings about a musical. Any development of each idea would need to be discussed at great length over a nice cup of tea. So, if you are a stage commissioner wondering where your next writer is then follow your heart and investigate the following.

Completed Stage Plays

Perpetually [Internal site link] [added Jul 2005] - The first full play that I have written, complete and unabridged. Mainly because I do not know how to bridge. This play was initially conceived after performing a J.B. Priestly 'time-play' and reading the author's other offerings. Whist Priestley covered some aspects of time he didn't do this one. At the time of writing it has never been staged and awaits it's world premier. If you know of a drama group that wishes to produce the play send me a message via the medium of email. Just once though, not perpetually.


The Will [Internal site link] [added Mar 2004] - A comedic stage play investigating just how far people will go for money

Ants [added Oct 2003] - A musical about a colony of ants


Ceremonial [Working title] [added Jan 2020] - A three part play in which a person recounts a life to their companion whilst travelling to various awards ceremonies. As the story unfolds a darker past emerges. Act one and the person is being chauffeured in the back of a limo to a glitzy occasion. Act two and the person is driving to a ceremony in a knackered car. Act three and the person has stopped at a roadside cafe, with motorcycle helmets

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Ants - The Musical

Photograph of an ant

A musical concept originally written and published in October 2003 in the original version of the vinceunlimited website.

In case you are feeling a bit of déjà vu here I conceived the concept about a rebel ant when the cold war started to thaw. Yes that long ago. The story is an allegory about individualism in a closed equalitarian society. Designed way before the Disney/Pixar Animation team released their feature length cartoon A Bug's Life. And before Dreamworks' Antz as well. The release of these films caused a pause in my tracks.

However, the concept differs from these films so my idea may still have legs. Hopefully, at least six. It's just that I know everyone will say I pinched the theme from others. It kinda shows how concepts must be finalised, the early bird will always get the worm. Or the ant in this case. Still I'm not defeated yet I need to up the ante. One day I intend to develop it in the format I originally intended it for. As a musical. The songs will all be written, eventually. Some, one, or more are already done. As can be seen below.


Act one

Introduction of the ant individuals [Chorus]

Leafcutter Ant
Weaver Ant
Honeypot Ant
Soldier Ant
Introduction of Anthony, the main male ant

Birth of a new Queen - Anthea [no, not Turner]

Lifestyle shown

Eggs Food
Worker Larvae chorus
Cleaning Mating

An attack by invading Soldier ants

Life goes on. No grieving

Anthony explains his mutiny to the colony

Act two

The mutiny [with the stage set out as a huge Bounty Chocolate bar perhaps?]

Arguments for and against

The fight

The Queen intervenes

Anthony explains his brave new world to Anthea

Anthea falls in love with ideals and Anthony [ahh...]

New system in place

Happy ever after [as usual]


Act one
Antsong by the chorus [Upbeat]

One In A Million by Anthony [Poignant]

I'm The Queen, If You See What I Mean by Anthea [Upbeat]

Oh For The Love [of honeydew] by the chorus [Upbeat]

Pest In The Nest [Beware, a predator there] by the chorus [Upbeat]

Life Goes On by Soldier Ant [Poignant]

We Need To Care by Anthony [Poignant]

We Can Change by the chorus [Upbeat]

Act two
I'm Going For It by Anthony [Upbeat]

Colony In Crisis by the chorus [Poignant]

Fight For Your Rights by Anthony [Upbeat]

I Can't Stand This Noise by Anthea [Upbeat]

[Too much to lose] No Time To Lose It by Anthony [Upbeat]

I Love This Love Thing. A duet by Anthony and Anthea [Slow]

[Like a] Breath Of Fresh Air by all [Upbeat]

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