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Hi. You are at the vinceunlimited Songs page.

Follow the links in the article below to a world of lyricism. All the featured songs are waiting for musical accompaniment. I have an idea of the tune I'd use but they are all open canvases for you to work on if you wish. Think of it as the bit Bernie Taupin does for Elton John.

If you like what you see but need a specific commission for your own project, take a chance on me. I promise to avoid being derivative.

And remember, I listen to the radio as well so don't go nicking my words.

Please note that this part of the web site is currently under development so for now there are a few links to the songs listed on this page left to do but it is a great start for what is to come. All the song lyrics are completed so please send a vMail if you want me to publish any of these ahead of schedule. This is assuming I have a schedule.

Best - Only by considering them all will you be able to see if this is the best. A teenage suicide anthem. Nice

Bike - Semi-autobiographical tale of a small boy's longing. No, not a small girl

Concrete - Inspired by my father. A warning against complacency

Disco - Unashamedly low rent. Think Black Lace. But hey, they serve a need.

Imperfect - An anthemic rant.

Lynda - Written for a special person. Treat this one with respect

Netsong - Is this a choice we will have to make?

Racecar - Fuelled by my passion for Formula One

Set It Free - Passionate song writing

Think - Complex duet. For two people, naturally. Or a well mixed up schizophrenic

Anti War song - Have you ever heard a pro-war song? Outside of Iraq


Here you will find songs designed for musicals. Only here you'll be Lloyd Webber (sorry) and I'll be your Rice.


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