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Hello. You have arrived at the vinceunlimited Situation Comedies page. Or as most would say, the Sitcoms page.

The vinceunlimited web site is currently being re-coded and this phase of the project has just commenced.

It takes some time to compose a sitcom. Each episode is structured to provide half an hour's worth of family entertainment. And each sitcom, in Britain-speak, should have about six episodes.

For this reason pilot shows are often used to test in the market place. However, I believe that those in the market place are looking for keen prices on socks and cucumbers so they don't have time to watch the telly.

However, if you've got your socks and cucumbers settle back and read the scripts. Only don't say that I've seen this when it gets commissioned and put on TV.

Please note that if there are any American commissioning editors out there who like my work and need to convert it to the specialised American market try this. Get twenty-five of your best writers. Re-write using none of the original funny jokes. Remove the u from all words. Except mum, where the u is changed to an o (What is it about u's with you guys?) Then read in an American accent.

The first to emerge is Site for Sore Eyes with the first episode about the trials and trepidations of work on a building site. Without the colourful language and exposed butt cheeks.

It is a full pilot episode so too big to copy below, so follow the links or buttons to take a peek.

More may come in due course, so check back here if sitcoms are your thing.


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