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Photograph of Vince filming in the snow using a shoulder mount camcorder set on a tripod
It all starts with a story. Then someone with green wellies and an eighties camcorder. And two inches of snow.

This screenplays page is a section in the web site containing the links to all the fictional pitches, stories and ideas from the mind of vinceunlimited. Including [eventually] teasers and treatments for potential future projects.


We live in the age of film and TV.

Personal storytelling, newspapers and books have seen their best days and we are still at the dawn of the on-line word.

For now celluloid and CRT rule.

The ultimate accolade of any writer today must be to produce commissioned scripts for worldwide distribution in films and on television.

This is my contribution.

Writing screenplays for film is a time consuming process.

The selections here are just a few pitches. Any development would need to be discussed at great length over a nice cup of tea.

So, if you are a commissioning editor waiting for the next big thing, click away.

However, if you are a spotty student trying to blag someone else's ideas then click off. As it were.


Loch Ness [added Jan 2004] - An incomplete story about the discovery of the Loch Ness monster. Commenced after seeing what effects could be achieved with the film Jurassic Park [Yes, that long ago]. Sadly abandoned when the film called Loch Ness appeared, starring Ted Danson. I must watch that someday

Safe As Houses [added Jun 2006] - A pitch for a movie about a retired CIA agent and his drunken Russian neighbour

Private War [added Jan 2020] - A person is caught up in a fantastical and frightening war but only they are experiencing it


Just one thing.

Why is it that in general film and TV scripts are so dire?

Why do we find the most incisive, challenging writing in broad sheet newspapers?

And why isn't the word splendiferous used more often? We should be told.

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