The vinceunlimited Safe As Houses Pitch

Cold War - Part Two

It is said that if you are unable to pitch a story within one minute then you will not command the attention of a Hollywood producer. If I had that minute, this is what I'd say.

Safe As Houses by Vince Poynter

The main character is a retiring CIA agent.

Having lived undercover for most of his career he hadn't built a life so has accepted as gratitude for his sterling work a safe house to live in.

Hailing from a wealthy nation he is naturally given a large house.

Unfortunately for him it backs onto a lesser suburb and in particular the small tatty garden of a retired drunken Russian.

Given the CIA man's career he is non too keen on his Red neighbour and constantly taunts him about 'the unfortunate fact that the Cold War had ended'.

Eventually the relationship warms and the men start to discover more about each other.

It transpires that they share similarities. The Russian is not only ex-KGB but was also his arch nemesis.

Hostilities once more erupt, cumulating in the building of a mini Berlin Wall between their properties.

Will they be able to live happily ever after and once more thaw out the Cold?

I'm seeing Bob and Sean. What do you think luvvies?


Author: Vince Poynter
Version 5.132 12 Jun 2018
First published: Version 2.03 Jun 2006