Sepia tone photograpgh showing Kate Poynter sat in front of a vintage car, flanked by two other ladies
My Great, Great Grandmother, Kate Poynter [sat]

Family History

I have been researching some genealogy on my family history and can list my ascendants below.

According to The Poynter Family History Society the Poynter name can be traced back to a Vasse Poynter in 1273.

Another site listed a Vincent Poynter in London in 1544, another as a draper of London in 1574 who owned and sold part of the Kingsbury Estate in Middlesex.

I deny that they were all me.

Personally I have only seen evidence of my own family back to the early nineteen hundreds.

The direct line follows.

Sepia tone photograpgh showing Harry Poynter stood alongside a line of vintage post office vans and their drivers
My Great Grandfather, Harry Poynter [far left]

My Great Great Great Grandparents - James Poynter married Emma Cariadise

My Great Great Grandparents - Henry Poynter (1856 - 1926) married Kate Noyce (1854 - 1939)

My Great Grandparents - Harry Poynter (1879 - ...) married Florence Sherman (1883 - 1912)

My Grandparents - William Poynter (1909 - 2003) married Rose Bowyer (1912 - 1990)

The above is just a list of direct male ascendants.

If you have any interest in finding out more about my family or think you may have some additional information that could assist my geneolgy, such as the birth and death dates of my Great Great Great Grandparents or their ancestors please email me with details.

I am always happy to hear from relations. Particulary those that are still alive from the early 1800s.

Poynter Facts

According to the demographers working at UCL CASA there are just 34 Poynters in every million Britons which makes us quite rare, but we are increasing our presence because only 110 years ago there would have only been 24. That is 24 in a million, not just 24.

Furthermore the demographics show that only 13% of the population have a surname with higher status.

Poynter Places

The UCL CASA people also indicate that the most likely place to encounter a Poynter in the UK would be the South-East, intensly around the Medway and Maidenhead in particular, although there is an outcrop around Liverpool.

To encounter Poynters abroad it would be best to head to Kentucky in the USA, Fortescue in West Australia or Marlborough in New Zealand.


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The first image is of the author's Great, Great Grandmother, Kate Poynter [nee. Noyce] sat besides two unidentified women and was provided by the author's grandparents. It was taken circa. 1925
The second image is of the author's Great Grandfather, Harry Poynter at work supervising his team of General Post Office drivers and was provided by the author's grandparents. It was taken circa. 1925