The Political System Proposal

The Political System proposal is part of the vinceunlimited Political Concept which was published in 2005 to offer some alternatives to the Status Quo of British politics. Because nobody wanted popular rock in Parliament.

The Political System


The Old Party Order

One of the most frustrating things about being non-political yet expecting to make a difference is the modern lack of choice.

In essence this is a relatively good thing as historical choices provided a black or white choice between rampant socialism bordering on communism or policies so far right they needed a wide load sign.

Now we have centrist political parties so they all offer mild degrees of the same thing. But nevertheless you still need to align yourself with one of the major players in order to make a real difference and that doesn't suit everyone.

Have you ever read a party political manifesto? No, I didn't think so and neither have I.

However I watch enough Newsnight to know the differences between red, blue and orange politics and no colour answers all my needs.

Admittedly, one does not have to agree with everything a particular party says because if you find most of the things are acceptable then by becoming part of the team you can make a difference from within.

There is one big caveat though - The Whips.


For those not in the know essentially a whip is a party employed ex-debt collector who 'encourages' the party membership to vote for the party policies.

If you do not tow the line then you will be effectively ex-communicated. And no one wants to serve on the Coventry seat.

So if you align with a party expect to preach all their policies no matter how foul.

There is an option.

Independance Day

Why not scrap the party system altogether?

There are some independent candidates out there. Most may be familiar with Martin Bell, why not the full parliamentary 652 (or so). Just as long as they don't all wear crumpled white suits.

If every candidate at an election was an independent participant you could judge them on their qualifications or policies, which would almost certainly be closer to what your community needs.

The Independent Cabinet

One issue that may spring to mind is that by every candidate being independent there would be no natural Prime Minister.

The solution is a vote by all successful new MPs for the most suitable candidate for the job.

The same would apply to all other cabinet posts so in theory we could have an elected successful economist running our national budget as opposed to a shopkeeper.

Local Government

Local government should also be elected on a non-party basis in much the same way.

Although I suspect most of the candidates would be the ones who failed to become an MP.


There would be no party funding as there would be no pressure groups jostling the fat cats for policies to suit them. So funding would have to be made centrally.

However a limit on the advertising expenditure would be needed to ensure that the richest candidates would not have an unfair advantage.

Only celebrities could get this free publicity from the red rag tops that symbiotically live with these people. Jade Goody for PM, I'm sure.

The Term

All candidates would be allowed a maximum of three consecutive periods in power or six overall.

This would ensure a fair balance between having a good candidate and that candidate hogging the show.

The term should be a fixed five years and we should all have a day off to vote.

Not that it should be compulsory, if people do not think they can be bothered to have their say then that is fine by me. That way all the votes would come from people who do care.

And whilst I'm on the subject I do not agree with the 'none of the above candidates' voting box or 'undecided'. If you can't decide then why bother me with your abject lackadaisical apathy.



Let's all do it.


Author: Vince Poynter
Version 5.088 27 Mar 18
Political Section, including Political System, First Published: Version 2.00 May 2005