The vinceunlimited Political Concept

"Political interest is drying up and my intention is to make it damp again."

Vince, 2005

Well perhaps not with that particular sound-bite but you can see my intention.

Too many times I hear that people are disinterested in politics whilst claiming that they could do better themselves.

I share their sentiments but instead of spouting off without providing the proof I intend to offer an alternative. A new set of rules to re-engage the voting electorate.

Select the issue you most want to get irate about by clicking on the sub-section links located below. These used to be located in a menu on the left but many rightwing types refused point blank to consider anything on the left.

Note that although the style that these ideas and opinions are presented in is in a light hearted way, designed so that the concepts are readable and entertaining, there is a serious side to these issues and it would be good to see the best ideas making it into mainsteam politics.

The System

Currently we have a party based system of representation.

Although relatively simple to understand it does have its limitations and within this section I analyse the advantages and disadvantages then conclude that a major shake-up is necessary.

Select Political System below for more details.

The Economy

With a single mathematics 'O' level and no further education in economics it would be naive of me to assume I could find a better way of dealing with the economy.

Just remember though that Einstein failed his exams.

Select Economy below to read more.

Law and Order

For some Law and Order would mean persecuting the motorist, criminalising the drug users and sentancing all menaces to civilised society.

When you select Crime below you will see that I argue it should mean the security of freedom.

The Working System

Why do we spend a quarter of our working time just getting there?

This radical solution could end commuting and increase community spirit.

Without clicking on the Working Time link below you will never know what I mean.

Vote For It

Finally, after due consideration of the above, if you think I may be onto something click on the Political Vote link below to see how you can show your support.


These sections were originally published on the website in May 2005.

The author is a mere amateur at this political business so cannot claim that this list is a comprehensive manifesto. Arguably exhausting to read, certainly not exhaustive.

More sections could be added in due course, so look out for future versions of this webpage.


Author: Vince Poynter
Version 5.085 21 Mar 18
First Published: Version 2.00 May 2005