The vinceunlimited Photography Page

In time this page will be fully populated with many stunning and interesting photographs taken by me.

But for now, to get things going I have added some thought provoking photos, first published on my website in March 2010.

All photography was taken by me and is copyright, unless otherwise advised. Please contact me if you wish to use any images.

Author: Vince Poynter
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The idea for a Photos page on the vinceunlimited website was first published in Version m5.001 30 Sep 2017 but the first photos were added in Version m5.172 13 Aug 2018

Thought Provoking Photographs

A selection photographs with captions to make you think

Originally published March 2010

A can of Ant and Cockroach spray with a logo that claims that it kills in seconds and lasts for weeks

Antspray - Kills in seconds and lasts for weeks. I wonder, after that time do they all recover?

[A spray can found in my cupboard]

A black on yellow safety warning sign claiming lit bulbs and surrounding parts will burn if touched

Bulbs - From the Department of the Bleeding Obvious?

[Photograph taken in the lighting department of a John Lewis store]

A typed notice placed in a clear plastic cover, pinned to a cork noticeboard advertising the services of an experienced dyslexia teacher

Dyslexia - I'm not sure who would want to sign up for a course in dyslexia?

[From a noticeboard in a leisure centre]

A typed notice posted advertising a menu of Spa treatments.  The last one reads - Book a file and vanish

Lakeside - The last item is a bargain for criminals looking to flee with smooth fingernails

[A notice placed on the wall of the Lakeside Spa in Botley, Hampshire]

A steel manhole cover with a shiny plaque with the words - Danger Confined Space

Manhole - Plaque says Danger Confined Space - And there I was thinking it was the entrance to the Royal Albert Hall

[A manhole cover in the road on a military base]

A poster for Little Chef showing a british rib-eye steak meal with the caption - How do you like yours?

Ribeye - When they put it like that I like mine preferably not burnt

[From a national poster campaign for the Little Chef restaurant chain]

A self supporting temporary roadsign erected at the side of the road with white lettering on a red background reading - Road Studs Removed

Roadstuds - When I see this at the side of the road what am I’m supposed to do exactly?

[A common sign erected during resurfacing road works]

A packet of roasted chicken and thyme Walkers crisps from their Sensations range with a typed claim stating - Made with real ingredients

Sensations - States the crisps are made with real ingredients. So, no fake ingredients here apparently

[The packaging on a packet of roasted chicken and thyme Walkers Sensations crisps]