The vinceunlimited PDA Crossword Idea

PDown, PDAcross

Please note that this article has dated due to technological advancements over the past decade(s) so should be considered in this context. The idea below was first published in Jul 2005, two years before the release of the iconic Apple iPhone, a Smartphone which revolutionised touch screen graphic displays. And a full three years before the Apple App Store.

However web based apps were around at the time.

The Useful PDA

Useful little things PDAs. Handheld electronic gizmos with nearly the same power as laptop computers. I really should get one.

With all the commuting I do it would certainly get some use.

Right at the moment I'm lugging a twenty-stone laptop backwards and forwards to work because my client doesn't provide adequate security at my place of work. I hate working on construction sites. I'm going to have to work some new idea to give me a more satisfying income.

But although novel, I'm not sure this idea will be the one.

PDA's in use

Seeing others tap away at their handhelds on regular occasions I often glance to see what they are working studiously on.

After all, with me I would be penning, if that's the correct PDA expression, my next website entry. It is all hand-coded using a basic text editor so that would be easy to use on the move.

But alas, I never see interesting work, just mainly games.

Screenshot of a penned outline for a game idea showing a sectional view of a water tank with some interconnecting pipes, pumps, meters etc.
Tank Game proposal. No Shermans, Tigers or Churchills involved

Not that Tetris is bad, I find it highly addictive and wish I had invented it. Closest I've come to inventing PDA software is an idea I have about a game where the player has to fight to plug holes in a tank that is slowly emptying its water, whilst maintaining pressure by manually running a pump. The screenshot of my penned idea is on the right.

Birth of an Idea

Those on the train that aren't playing Tetris, sleeping or chatting loudly on their mobiles [If you struggle to hear them it doesn't mean they can't hear you dear] are usually seen reading the paper.

But when that runs out the pen is extracted and the Crossword on the back page is started. This is where my idea comes in.

Crossed Wires

I have never, ever seen anyone doing a Crossword on a PDA. Why not? Do they exist? If not, then the idea has now been breached.

So, all you PDA software developers out there get coding and come up with the world's first PDA Crossword software, but remember where you heard about the idea. I think commission should start with a shiny new PDA for me, bundled with all the usual applications and your new Crossword software.

But not Tetris, because I'll never use anything else and my website will shrivel up and perish.

Been There Before?

Please note that if you already know of a PDA Crossword software package let me know the details and I'll update this page.

That will be after I have checked out its development date of course.


Author: Vince Poynter
Version 5.095 6 Apr 2018
First Published: Version 2.01 in Jul 2005
Screenshot of tank game added 13 Apr 18