Hello. You have arrived at the vinceunlimited mobile Humourist page.

The vinceunlimited website is currently being re-coded and this phase of the project has not yet fully commenced.

In time this page will contain all humourous articles from the site so please be patient and check back in due course. You never know it may also have some humorous ones for the American audience as well.


Image of an upturned lorry on a building site
A lorry load of trouble

This is the mobile Humourist page of the vinceunlimited website.

At present the site is under construction so content hasn't yet arrived here, which isn't very humourous. It is currently hiding on the back of a chameleon. So keep an eye out for changes in the future and it will appear soon.

Meanwhile you can try choosing something else from one of the main drop-down menus above. You may get lucky.

New content will arrive first on the homepage which can be directly accessed by clicking on my face icon you can see at the top left.

Meanwhile a photo to show how well the site reconstruction phase is progressing...

Author: Vince Poynter
Version m5.001 30 Sep 2017
First Published : Version m5.001 30 Sep 2017