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You have arrived at the vinceunlimited Fiction page, a section in the website containing the links to all the fictional stories and ideas from the mind of vinceunlimited. Plus some teasers and treatments for potential future projects.

This page is in development, as will probably always be due to the large number of ideas that the author has, so please be patient and check back here regularly.

Long, long ago, when televisions only came in two colours and being bad was never a good thing I used to make up stories. Actually I didn't, I made that bit up. I didn't actually make up stories as a child. Never did unless obliged to do so during my English studies.

No one who knew me then would have predicted that I would be like I am now. Except that the blond hair and chubby cheeks still remain, of course.

But as a teenager and into my adulthood I have always harboured a desire to write. And fiction is the best place to start when you lead a fairly normal life and haven't discovered penicillin or captained your country in tiddlywinks.

However, the trouble with fiction is that it takes up too much time. And I've been fannying about with this site in it's various incarnations for too long to develop some of these ideas. If you feel like assisting (read 'sponsoring me') get in touch. So, read on and weep*.

Current Stories - Completed and in development

2 Cases - A thriller. Or it will be when it is finished. Not so thrilling in it's present state but you'll get the idea

Loch Ness - An incomplete story about the discovery of the Loch Ness monster. Commenced after seeing what effects could be achieved with the film Jurassic Park (Yes, that long ago). Sadly abandoned when the film Loch Ness appeared, starring Ted Danson. Must watch that someday

Safe As House - A pitch for a movie about a retired CIA agent and his drunken Russian neighbour

Shortest - The shortest story of all. Except shorter ones. And longer ones with most of their pages missing. For more short stories why not link up to You never know whose work is featured

Vincent - Story about a bike. With a great name. Or am I just biased?

Future Stories - Pitches

Terranoid - A story concept about being paranoid about terrorism (and then being proved right) with the tag line "Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean that they are not going to blow you to pieces"

*Its not that the stories are sad. Only the writer, for thinking any of these works is worthy of a Pulitzer or Booker . Or worthy of publication. Or even reading come to that.


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