This article was first written in October 2003 and represented an opinion at the time, long before Brexit.

In 2003 being a true European, as opposed to being within Europe, wasn't the view of many British people, despite the European market, the European Economic Community, being created within the Treaty of Rome in 1957 and the establishment of the European Union under the Maastricht Treaty on 1st November 1993, of which Britain was a part.

Brexit, the popular term coined about the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union, was only voted for in a referendum on 23 June 2016. I have every intention of writing articles about this in the future so watch this space.

Being European

One day all this will be mine, or mined. Your choice

Image of a Border Collie Dog, stood with an arched back.
So why was this image chosen? Obviously, it's a Flexible Border...Collie

Why do so many residents of the UK fail to acknowledge that they are European?

Take a look at any atlas [apart from those with the flexible borders produced by the Israelis] and the landmass of Britain is clearly in Europe.

We are Europeans. End of discussion.

Of course those xenophobic Brits who refuse to acknowledge their position are really saying that they refuse to be 'European'.

Some sad misapprehension that they would be forced to eat horses in the manner that the French do, be good in bed like the Italians or strut around like they own the place like most Germans.

And that just isn't British.

My personal opinion is that having closer ties with your neighbours is a good thing.

Less war, more trade and better pasta imports.

As long as we don't have to drive Czech cars.

Why suffer passport and travel restrictions? We can save all that malarkey for the other world citizens nibbling at the borders.

Europe today is a small place and should be accessible to all Europeans, including us Brits.

Furthermore, European union is the first step towards world union and ultimately peace for all mankind.

And the rule applies to other parts of the world too.

Africa for all Africans.

The Middle East for all nations - even the Israelis.

And Australia for the kangaroos.

Mind you, if it comes down to a clear choice between speaking Esperanto or becoming the next state in the good old US of A then I'm a happy hamburger eater.

I'll even forgive them for not helping out in the Falklands.

Or for charging us for their help in the Second World War.

Or for accidentally shooting their allies every time they open fire.

Just as long as the Yanks acknowledge that the word mum has a 'u' in it.

Much like the word neighbour.

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