The Crime Proposal

The Crime - Law and Order proposal is part of the vinceunlimited Political Concept which was published in 2005 to offer some alternatives to the Status Quo of British politics. Because nobody wanted Francis Rossi in Parliament.

Law and Order

Criminal Writing

Fair Sentencing

My first gripe with the current law and order system we have is the apparently unfair sentencing we see time and time again.

One of the main problems of our system is of letting convicted prisoners leave after just a low proportion of their sentences have been served. Surely it is not beyond the realms of imagination to alter the structure so this does not happen.

If the intention is that the inmate serves five years then do not sentence them to ten.

The reward for good behaviour should not be needed. Convicts, as well as people in general, should understand that good behaviour is the norm. So apply the sentence as five years but then add time on for bad behaviour.

Perhaps a range of tariffs such as an extra day for instances of abusive language, another week for taking a cell-mates shepherds pie dinner, a month for placing a colleagues head in the head [to use a naval term] and extra year or two for breaking the TV remote.

Maybe the last one needs some work but you get the picture.

Unless the remote is broken, that is.


Whilst on the subject of prisons why is it so easy to access drugs inside [I'm told]?

I thought the idea was that these buildings were secure.

Keep illicit stuff out and the reprobates in - It's a simple enough formula.

However my general view on drugs is more liberal than most. It's not that I'm a user or even want to be, if I want to alter my mind I switch to BBC4.

No my interest here, like everyone else, is that of a potential victim of drug fuelled crime.

If drugs were not illegal crime would rocket - in a downward trend.

I think the few idiots who get caught up with addiction could be treated in the same way as any other disease, through the health service.

I support the Don't Ban Them - Tax Them Campaign. Or I would if there was such a campaign.

The only way I would limit drugs is where their use impinges on others.

And the biggest change would be in smoked drugs and I include the humble tobacco plant. Smoking should be banned everywhere another person may be and that includes your car if you intend to sell it.

I even have the slogan - Be harsh on hash.

Well, maybe not.


Another treacherous drug is alcohol.

It pervades every aspect of our society.

Its spiritual home, the pub, is endemic and even features in all our main soap operas.

I'm not anti-drink but I despise loutish behaviour brought on by alcohol and wonder why is it so necessary.

Do these drunkards have so little in their lives that getting into a state where they can't remember what they do is so fulfilling? Beats me, but then I have a life.

And I have little respect for those that drink and drive, but not just those that do it to excess, because they have an excuse of sorts - they are drunk. My respect diminishes the moment anyone says "I'll only have one."

I assume they mean brain cell.

The Motorist

All of which brings me neatly onto the motorist and the law.

If you are a regular reader of pages from my website, or have just read through it all a few moments ago then you will probably know where I'm going to go with this. And it won't be under the speed limit.

So first off take down all the speed cameras and place them near schools, busy shopping areas and old people homes near roads. Then destroy the other seventy percent of them.

Incidentally I'd also move these older person homes away from the roads.

Then re-assess all speed limits, this time using the advice of skilled drivers, not the cyclists and pensioners that form our local councils.

Add a dash of modern technology so that variable signs can be used for different times of the day, seasons and weather.

Then make advanced driving in association with the police compulsory. This way the police can concentrate again on being the good guys, not a bunch of tax enforcers, a reputation they do not want themselves.

Boys in Blue

On the subject of the police lets put more back on our streets and give them the power to cusp an ear or two when needed.

It's about time we all learnt respect and the place to start is with our law enforcers.

Followed very briefly by teachers, parents and last but not least our elders. And to most of you reading this that means me.


Author: Vince Poynter
Version 5.086 23 Mar 18
Political Section, including Crime, First Published: Version 2.00 May 2005