The vinceunlimited Comedy Page

Hello. You have arrived at the vinceunlimited Comedy page.

The vinceunlimited website is currently being re-coded and this phase of the project has not yet fully commenced. I need to spend quite some time converting my old scripts and notes into electronic format for publishing out here in the world wide web. The problem is that Bill Gates hasn't yet come up with a software translator that converts simple potato cut outs to HTML encoding. So it all has to be done manually.

In time this page will be fully populated with all the amusing, fun and crazy comedy from the mind and keyboard of vinceunlimited, so check back in due course.

Considering that this is a comedy section it isn't very funny, is it? Sorry.

Meanwhile, a surge of related links that you may find do nothing when you get there.

Jokes - From christmas cracker fillers to complex sub-routines cleverly set to disorientate the reader then provide a complex juxtaposition to unearth a deep-rooted anamalistic reaction, written in Swahili. Although, usually more closer to the cracker concept

Screen Plays - Including comedy screenplays. You must be joking if you think I've got time to write a full screenplay. And I'm meant to be doing the joking

Situation Comedies - Tempted to suggest that sitcoms are just overblown sketches. But that would detract from the complex character constructions, convoluted sub-plots and structured settings. But useful to think of as just overblown sketches

Sketches - Just longer jokes really. With a pretty background to look at if the joke isn't that good

Stand Up Comedy - Stand up routines and open mic sets written and performed by Vince [Note: The link takes you to the general Videos section where the laughs can be easily found]

Stage Plays - Plays wot I wrote. And part plays. Including comedic attempts

Please remember my comments on plagerisation though. Nick it and you may get nicked yourself. If you like it, buy me off. Commissions, modifications and rewrites always considered.

Except the rewrite bit of course, as everything is already perfect.


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