Two Cases - Explanation

The fictional story reproduced below is just the start of a story about two cases.

You may note that it is a bit short. Positively stunted. Incomplete.

In time this story will be developed and you will see how the protagonist deals with the situation.

But I have a load of stuff do do and this may take some time. Unless of course you ask nicely for me to write some more of it.

It's literally up to you.

Author: Vince Poynter
Version m5.007 17 Oct 2017

Two Cases

Fiction By Vince

A dark thriller. If you read it at night. Written before Oct 2003

Photograph of a green oval vanity case
Not the sort of case I imagined. Nor indeed the quantity thereof

A man, drowning his sorrows in a café overhears two criminals discussing the delivery of two cases. One contains 'the money', the other a bomb. He has an opportunity to steal the cases but hesitates, considering it too much risk.

Later he sees an on street chase between the police and the two criminals. During which he sees the cases dumped during a shoot out in an alley. When the area is clear and the criminals are taken safely into custody he checks around to see if anyone is about. Nobody around, but there is a street camera. It is damaged so he takes the cases and leaves.

The man is at a loss as to which case is the bomb. He does not tell anyone about his discovery and his anxiety spills into his love life.

Later the police return, see the camera and comment that it was damaged in the shoot out. They get a video image of the man with the two cases.

The criminals, on release, return to the café and in a chance comment the owner describes the man seen eyeing up the cases.

The chase is on.


Author: Vince Poynter
Version m5.007 17 Oct 2017
Written before Oct 2003
First Published: Version 1.00 in Oct 2003
The image was added in Version m5.007 17 Oct 2017