A Musical About Ants

A future musical by Vince, provisionally entitled Ants.

This concept was originally written and published in October 2003 in the original version of the vinceunlimited web site.

In case you are feeling a bit of déjà vu here I conceived the concept about a rebel ant when the cold war started to thaw. Yes that long ago.

The story is an allegory about individualism in a closed equalitarian society. Designed way before the Disney/Pixar Animation team released their feature length cartoon A Bug's Life. And before Dreamworks' Antz as well. The release of these films caused a pause in my tracks.

However, the concept differs from these films so my idea may still have legs. Hopefully, at least six. It's just that I know everyone will say I pinched the theme from others. It kinda shows how concepts must be finalised, the early bird will always get the worm. Or the ant in this case.

Still I'm not defeated yet I need to up the ante. One day I intend to develop it in the format I originally intended it for. As a musical. The songs will all be written, eventually. Some, one, or more are already done. As can be seen below.

Photograph of an ant


Act one

Introduction of the ant individuals (Chorus)

Leafcutter Ant
Weaver Ant
Honeypot Ant
Soldier Ant
Introduction of Anthony, the main male ant

Birth of a new Queen - Anthea (no, not Turner)

Lifestyle shown

Eggs Food
Worker Larvae chorus
Cleaning Mating

An attack by invading Soldier ants

Life goes on. No grieving.

Anthony explains his mutiny to the colony

Act two

The mutiny (stage set out as a huge Bounty Chocolate bar perhaps?)

Arguments for and against

The fight

The Queen intervenes

Anthony explains his brave new world to Anthea

Anthea falls in love with ideals and Anthony (ahh...)

New system in place

Happy ever after (as usual)


Act one
Antsong by the chorus. Upbeat

One In A Million by Anthony. Poignant

I'm The Queen, If You See What I Mean by Anthea. Upbeat

Oh For The Love (of honeydew) by the chorus. Upbeat

Pest In The Nest (Beware, a predator there) by the chorus. Upbeat

Life Goes On by Soldier Ant. Poignant

We Need To Care by Anthony. Poignant

We Can Change by the chorus. Upbeat

Act two
I'm Going For It by Anthony. Upbeat

Colony In Crisis by the chorus. Poignant

Fight For Your Rights by Anthony. Upbeat

I Can't Stand This Noise by Anthea. Upbeat

(Too much to lose) No Time To Lose It by Anthony. Upbeat

I Love This Love Thing. A duet by Anthony and Anthea. Slow

(Like a) Breath Of Fresh Air by all. Upbeat

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