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The Real Vince Poynter

This page is all about Vince Poynter, the real live person behind the vinceunlimited brand.

On an earlier CV I described myself as 'an active, good humoured and inventive individual, intelligent enough to learn new skills quickly and accurately with an ability to multitask whilst remaining in control. A fastidious and charming, honest worker able to assess priority and work under pressure. Always seeking a challenging and responsible, well-rewarded role'.

Myth or mirth?

I was born in the South of England in the early sixties in a two bedroom flat, with the unusual feature of a balcony on the ground floor. I was the swot at the local junior school so graduated to a boys only (pah) grammar school, all without changing city. I didn't work too hard but left school with a welter of 'O' levels (ask your dad) then decided to opt out of higher and university education.

Without the encouragement to be the vet I had always dreamed about as a child I drifted into an office-based apprenticeship in construction, an industry that kept me in high quality baked beans for the main part of my adult working life. It was never the real me.

As a teenager I grew up too late for the free love sixties and too early for the freedom of the eighties. Too late to be a boomer, too young to be a millenial. But I did discover motorcycling. Off and on since then I have always owned a bike and still consider myself a biker. So rock on.

In my late teens I resigned my job and at one point had spent every penny I had. I even owed my future wife £50 - She won't ever get it back. I'm still married and have been for millions of years. We soon got the four bedroom detached house on a suburban housing estate in a sought after village in a green and pleasant valley about twenty miles from where I was born. All very local. Except going to work daily in London used to take me two hours each way.

I eventually dumped the dusty construction life and now work as a driver for a prestige marque.

I have always enjoyed writing and much content of this site has its roots deep in the last millennium. It just took ages to put it all together and now I'm doing the same all over again as a fifth incarnation. One reason I would love be a full time writer.

An eternal optimist I truly believe I am immortal and unique, despite the aches and pains of being in my fifties. In fact I can be found at the centre of the universe

As for the CV statement - Pretty accurate.


If you feel you can stomach the expanded version why not drop your cursor over the button named autobiography. Where you will find a foreward and first chapter. Plus an article about my story onboard a transatlantic trip on the QE2 cruise liner in 2002 for your delectation.


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My Poynter View

From the autobiography of Vince Poynter

From here you can discover the chapters and articles within the vinceunlimited Autobiography page, with true stories and anecdotes from a future publication about my life story called My Poynter View.

The vinceunlimited website is currently being re-coded and this phase of the project has only just commenced. So please be patient and check back regularly for updates.

The Autobiography - Link to the Autobiography including the Foreward

Oniscus Asellus - Me as a baby. Aaah

Child - Will be completed eventually

Teenager - Will be completed eventually

Start Working - Will be completed eventually

Settling Down - Will be completed eventually

Getting Older - Will be completed eventually

Middle Age Onwards - Will be completed after it has happened

QE2 Article - The story of my transatlantic QE2 journey


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vinceunlimited Top Tens

My intention within this article is to show, for your entertainment, some of my miscellaneous top ten lists, then for some fun a top ten worst or Room 101 style list.

So far I have penned a list of celebrity meal friends, my favourite TV and films and ten great vehicles, all as linked below.

Food and drink should be next up and I'll explain why I love eating and drinking the stuff.

Connoisseurs, or drunks as I call them, will notice the lack of alcohol but it does little for me except slur the speech and regress the taste of my breath. Burp.

So, Cranberry and Raspberry drink for starters, then as an anti-pasta I'll work my way through a Flat Based Pizza, washed down with an ice-cool Lager and Lime.

Mash and Mum's trifle would be a strange combination, before licking my lips over Mushrooms, Mushy Peas and Pea and Ham soup.

For a main course I'll relish Roast dinners, Sashimi and Smoked Salmon then I'll explain why Strawberries just pip Bananas.

All followed up by Tea and Vienetta ice cream, naturally.

I bet you are getting hungry thinking about it. Me, I'm off to make a sandwich.

Finally, I am currently preparing the 101 list but have had trouble editing my pet hates down from the two hundred or so that immediately sprung to mind.


Author: Vince Poynter
Version 5.072 16 Feb 2018
First Published: Version 1.03 Feb 2005